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Resist the devil and every lie, for only truth can deliver us

by Dr. Durussia Jenkins

It is time to speak only TRUTH in all things and at all times, for only the truth can and will produce victory over our adversary the devil. Remember these little nuggets of truth each day as you pray in the Holy Ghost.

  1. There are nine gifts of the spirit which produce change in our lives daily, as long as we are living under the principles of God which governs.

    1. To love is to know sacrifice. This kind of love brings peace which is where we want to live and where we should live daily.

    2. Our peace is necessary for prospering in God. The necessity of peace opens the door to Joy.

    3. Joy brings fulfillment and contentment in every situation of life. Joy is my foundation of faith in all. Whoever builds a house should build it on solid ground for only God can make it stand in the midst of the storm.

    4. My faith is built on nothing less than God’s righteousness. Without His righteousness I cannot please God.

We must produce seed and yield crops of fulfillment in heavenly places so that God can continue to seed His Glory in us through everyday deeds towards others.

Where your heart’s desire rest so will your treasure reveal God’s favor.

With God there is always a way to Jesus, who is the truth, the way, and the light. Pray for the plan of God to prosper so that everybody can be saved. To be saved is a privilege. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection gave way for salvation and the resurrection of Christ gave us the right to stand before the throne of God and declare our love back to him.

Promises are important to God because they are the signs that help us navigate through trouble times, like these days we are living in. Let your covenant with God never be broken. Promise God that you will never deny the truth of His word. If you are still alive in these trying times, then you have been highly favored of God to see his glorious works now revealed here on planet earth.

Great is His faithfulness so look up for our redemption is drawing nigh. You shall be renewed every morning. God promised us that we would be filled with His Glory. Pray this prayer morning, noon and at night.

"Where can I go, but to the Lord? You, Lord, made the heaven and the earth and by

your footstool I dwell. So this is where I will remain and pray each and every day.

I know Your hand is at work creating in me Your perfect will, to carry the light to all

the nations. I will bless you oh Lord at all times and Your praise shall continually be

in my mouth. All the earth gives You the glory greatest of all, my soon returning King

of All Kings and the Lord of All Lords."


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