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You have spoken to us in 2023!

We are in a battle 2023, but the battle is not ours but the Lord’s! He has given us the battle plan and the victory over the works of the devil. Make no mistake about it, We Win!

In Genesis Chapter 2:23 it reads,

23 And Adam Said,

“This is now bone of my bones

And flesh of my flesh;

She shall be called Woman,

Because she was taken out of Man.”

These are power words that the devil does not want man to say. When these words are spoken by the mouth of men the created glory and might of God, who is the creator of all, releases into the atmosphere. An impenetrable force field around the circle of the family and children birthed through the gift God gives to man and woman is created.

Satan knows this and that is why in this time and season everything is about gender, race, and the destruction of our children. The only race is the one set before us that each must run to the high calling in Jesus Christ. As Chaos stirs up its ugliness between male and female, satanic activity can get stronger and stronger because the purpose is to destroy God’s children. This is the reason God spoke to me the scripture Isaiah 30: 30-31. The number 3 is very prevalent here as we are in the building of the third temple and the church is very significant in bringing this to pass. The only way anything can get built is by people, and people begin as children who Satan is trying to Kill both in the womb and out.

But God will destroy the children of Satan Himself.

Every born-again believer must turn now this year, not later. If you turn later you will be set forever, meaning you will not have a moment to repent and your personal time will be timed out. God doesn’t want anyone to be left behind, so you need to know the truth this day!

Each person that is born has a time clock already programed in your DNA. When that time expires only God can extend it. It is not up to any man to tell someone when they are going to expire, that’s God’s business. The Lord will speak through His true prophets who are not out for gain or fame. They are completely yielded to God and cannot be bought or deceived with hidden riches. They are already dead to this world seated in heavenly places with God. You will know them by their eyes of fire. They are now released on this earth and will cause the rain of God to increase in every state, city and nation.

You will begin to hear about those who are doing hell’s evil in the streets being confronted by the angelic prophets of fire. You will hear reports of thousands of sinners turning to God even in a day. They will be overpowered by God’s angelic angels of war. Revival will take place in unlikely places throughout America and around the world. We will see escalations of world reports that will come to send terror in the hearts of the weary, but God has promised to save anybody that calls on His name in this season. All of this will be heard about through media and all other news forms.

God said that His Majestic voice will confirm these things in the heavens and on the earth. He is the King of All Kings and the Lord of all Lords. God promises this; where there are massive crowds of children, the King of Glory will appear and speak loudly in the air. All will hear His thunderous roar and voice of power as He reveals His purpose! God will not continue to allow innocent children to be annihilated. Make no doubt about this statement, “Everyone who places a hand of death on God’s children will be judged by Him and the Bible says in Hebrews 10:30-31

30 For we know Him who said,

“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,”

says the Lord. And again,

“The Lord will judge His people.”

31 It is a fearful thing to fall into

the hands of the living God.

Those who are reading this word are responsible for its content, including me. I am just releasing it to the body, because God loves us. If He didn’t speak now destruction would most certainly follow, and all would be lost which is not what he truly desires! He wants us so desperately that He is revealing our time is Now. The clock is ticking for God’s house to return to Him wholly. Don’t just go to the church, become the temple of God. Resist the devil in all things, especially money. Don’t sell your soul for a bowl of slop! Your time will be over if you do!

The Lord has reserved the Gold of God for us this hour, but we must give up the desire for it, because we are already rich with all of heaven. The world doesn’t have the answer for what’s wrong in nations of the world. He is releasing glorious measures of faith will encircle us in the air that we breath and God’s power will begin to write into the invisible elements around you The devil will have to bow and surrender to God’s sovereignty.

If there is gender war between the man and the woman, Satan has authority to divide everything in your homes. God is speaking to His Church and saying shut up men about your women, esteem them before God, stand back, and watch how your whole house will suddenly be filled with Holy air. This will filter out hell in your homes and then began to change even the air in streets where you live. God promises His divine favor is here and coming upon all of us! Just watch it move everywhere this day!


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