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“A Word of Encouragement to the Church”

As the world shifts from 2023 into 2024, we are moving closer towards the fulfilling of things spoken before we were and now is.  The greatest promise that the church has is unfolding before our eyes, and that is our God will not leave us or forsaken in anyway.  Yes, we have done things that are not good, yet God’ abiding love still surrounds us, protecting us from darkness and its destruction. 

We can stand on the words that our Lord spoke to His disciples, “No weapon formed against us will prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17) We can trust in this promise.  God will destroy the enemies of His people, this is a sure word.  For this reason, it is always important to stand on the truth that He promises in every situation of life.

When we turn away from what is written in the Bible, which has been before we were, nothing can reverse what it says about creation our Father who art in heaven will defend our steadfastness in Him and show up every time we call on His precious name. 

Watch and pray!  Especially in this amazing time year 2024, I encourage you not to bow to the demons of this world they cannot harm you, for they know that their evils are fruitless, and will not destroy my plans for you.   

Turn your devices off during the day, spend an hour in mediation and pray, remember Jesus asked his disciples a powerful question and it was, “Can you pray with me for an hour?”  Little did they know that one hour will cover a thousand years, when it is done in His name….”Yeshua,” all they needed to say was, “Yes!”

This is no different today, they were coming to get Him to crucify him and make no mistake about today, ancient forces are behind much of the chaos today, doing the same thing to God’ church, your defense is the exact same military tactic, “PRAYER” causes the angels to hear, and therefore act on heaven’s instructions, the church must suffer for Christ to be able to reign with Him. 

Watch in this season, because we will see the enemies of heaven fall under God’ power and many will wail and cry for His mercy.”  You can bank on that!

In Palms Chapter 16:4 make it your everyday passion, morning, noon, and night pray without ceasing.  We will see many great things manifested in year 2024, some say, the open doors, “Yes, this is true, but more than that, we will see the very image of Christ appearing throughout the land in many forms. Where ever He Is, we are, and this is the moment for all to see that His presence is always present.

God wants souls to come to Him before it’s too late, He is causing the winds to blow in many different directions, which causes man’s heart to faint, but the Lord is allowing this to happen for the next couples years will swiftly go by and then, all will be accomplished.

A Word from God

There is a war happening in the heaven and earth, but do not think that it is happening without my direction or my protection for my people.  I am opening doors, this means, I am opening hearts to hear my word, and after those doors are open, that which has been hidden and secretly kept will be revealed for my people to have, those whom can be trusted, will be given positions of authority for my people to prosper in this time in time of famine. 

All things aren’t of me and man is not in charge neither is the government. Hear my voice and obey my instructions, for I am leading you to follow my wisdom to where it has been prepared for thee a land of sustainability from now until….

You will know that it is I, not AI which is directing you in this end-time wisdom that I am releasing to you, those who have an ear to hear.  I am not speaking to everyone that says that I am speaking to them, and this is going to be made clear in year 2024, I will share my secrets with those who are humble, for pride goes before falling. I don’t need mechanics to power my people into divine blessings, for I created it all.  Just remember, I am the Righteous Judge of all. not man.

I am God.

Our Prayer

I believe in thee Oh Lord

For I know that you will never leave me no matter what I see or feel

I know that you hear me, love me, and fought for me to receive you

In my search of truth, I only found it in you, for that I thank you Lord

You are the hope of tomorrow and peace for today so I will always believe

That you are the only way and follow what you say.


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