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God is the same everyday.  He is stability. We need stability because there isn’t any in the world today; everything else is sinking sand.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Satan is nothing but yesterdays news and future events.

Most people I talk to today feel like the world is beyond help.  They believe the only thing that is left is for God to destroy and begin again.  That’s not going to happen. We are it! God is going to use us no matter what.

Our children have been a dead give-a-way to the moral decay of our society.  We have left them to teach themselves. Satan is making a defining line around them which is a ring of doom.  God says, “Fight for them!” Our weapons have to be changed; not metal guns or sticks, but TURN TOWARD THE LIGHT!

It’s time we reach into the future by the Spirit of God praying, “Take us God where you are,” and “Help us we need you.”  We need power to break free from the spirit of doubt! Don’t be too dumb of hearing that you won’t call out to God and beg for his anointing.  He placed him in a garden, blew into him his spirit, and man became a living soul. God is creating a God Man. Just like he did in the Garden of Eden, he’s doing it again for the return of Christ our King and Lord.  Let God reach into your spirit and change you. There’s dirt in our heats which needs to be flipped over so God can re-plant purpose and strength to endure in these hours.

“Adam,” God called.  God is calling us today as well.  The bible declares that it was a complete vast of darkness which covered the deep.  God put a ring around everything created. Where we start with God is where we’re finish at the end of our lives.  Only disobedience can compromise this process.

It took the finger of God and the Spirit of God to blow a hole right through the invisible wall separated heaven and earth.  Thus, Marriage was born creating a lasting relationship between God, the Father, and His original creation, man. As you think on this revelation and the meaning of life, consider the fact that the world was here before us.  

The Father is moving now and forever more.  God separated it by calling the top superior and the lower inferior.  The other definition is Day and Night; light being the stronger of the two and night the lesser.  Man is called the stronger and woman is called the weaker vessel, but this does not mean that the man has more power.  It means that the man has been given a certain job to do which takes certain strength to accomplish. The woman on the hand has been given a certain job of birthing God’s greater gift which was his human creation.  A man could not even attempt this. His power was limited only to earthly concerns until God said to Adam, “Multiply and replenish the earth.” Even then, he was only given a measure of faith which was in his seed.

Can you see that each individual person has strength that the other doesn’t have; but each measure of power is equal in the eyes of God.  The bible declares God spoke, “Let them rule.” This represents equality in every respect of word.


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