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We Are Not Without Hope!

Although these are difficult times that we live in, we are not without hope, comfort, and above all the peace of God that can never be taken from us.

Our confidence is in-the-fact that Jesus declared already in the atmosphere above us and below us that, "He will always be with us no matter where we are, in whatever condition we find ourselves in, he promises to stick closer than a brother or sister to us. What confidence we have in Him! The scripture declares, "Where can we go that you are not there; even if I make my bed in hell, you are there!" So nothing can separate us from You. We have heard these words spoken before, but the only way to know that you believe them is to be confronted with great opposition and then have the will to stand on those promises given you by God, even nothing appears to be happening in your favor. All throughout the bible we read stories about this one theme, The people of God consistently had to stand against their enemies, and we see God consistency towards victory for them; they were never defeated, neither destroyed, whether they had a king or not. Today we as God's people must put our trust in Him completely, every government, kingship, or ruler ship is under God's heavenly ship and those powers and leaderships will have to answer to Him and Him alone; because He carries the government of all nations upon His shoulders, and they will answer to Him on that great day; We shall see miracles, and witness His mighty power through demonstrations through the miracles of God in each of us. The time is now in the next four years, the world will decrease in wealth, health, and it's joy will slide out like a woman giving birth; for the pains of heartache will cause strength to leave the body quickly, but the church will increase in power, wealth and supernatural hearings to the likes which we have never seen. All of this will happen even though other unnatural pandemics are revealed. The key to all of this is your complete trust in the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. Shake off the spirit of skepticism, look up for your redemption draws nigh. As money begins to flow to all of you what has been hidden is now revealed. There has always been an attachment that comes with it called Control. The spirit of socialism did not just began in 2021, it started in the Garden of Eden. Satan knew that inside of every human is the spirit of knowing, because we think if we know something we can avoid it if we do not like it. So, we want to know everything, and Satan knows that, so he listening to us in our communications. We need to spend lest time tweeting and using these AI intelligence devices that are controlling our decisions. Other demonic spirits are using these machines to listen to our thoughts and prayers that we are praying to God. God has programed inside of each of us our own computing systems and they are not artificial but truth machines inside of our bellies. These glory machines can't be silenced and they don't belong to big tech. Try listening to God more on your knees in 2021. Now on the political front, we have now asked for the spirit of Barabbas who incidentally was a thief. We will now have to believe only in God, the Father, to help us get through this present darkness that we have covered ourselves in. "What caused this?" The answer is blinded hatred of Christ the light. Men love to hide things in darkness rather than have their sins revealed in the light.

"Could the church really hate Christ?

You might not want to hear the truth here, but it is clear that we do! But God loves us anyway and He has made a way of escape for all. Glory to Jesus! The spirit of a thief released the greatest glory known to man, because Jesus went into the belly of the earth and led captivity out of darkness then ascended back on earth to finish His purpose. As the scripture in John 3.16 says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall perish, but have everlasting life." So even though, we make the wrong the decisions, God has already made a way for everybody to escape. Which ever way you voted in the last election it's done, GOD will make it right for you the righteous; for with God all things are possible because nothing is impossible when HE is in it. He said, "I will reign on the just and the unjust." Think about this everyday from now on! Be careful what you say and how you say it, because the church is now positioned in Gods way and that way is Good. Watch and pray always, and pray for the Father to guard your mouth and your conversations; let them be led by the spirit of God. The new world order is now setting up for the rest of our time as we wait for the coming of our Lord. As money will be released to you, do not forget you must learn to to break the curse over it before you even spend it. The curse over money has been here for centuries, only now has it told to you. We cannot serve God and the god of money. We have been deceived by wanting it and desiring it even to point of selling our souls to get it, but God loves you and wants you to know, "Do not be fooled by the spirit of socialism, it is really soulish control for eternal damnation." DO NOT be afraid as you see things happening around you, even in your household, it shall not come nigh you because we are being divided. For those who will be filthy, will be filthy still. This is the right moment in time for His divine outpouring on all flesh; for there is no other power of earth able to stop this glory which is now revealed. Just think, whenever God wanted to show himself in the times of old there was always something very common to our day Oppression, Bondage, and Injustice, and Pandemic/Plagues throughout the land. But stand in the word and the knowledge that we are not without hope!


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