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The Demons of Hell Know the Time

The demons of hell know that time is not only short but almost over.   We have only a little while then the end will come. Satan knows that he must destroy all evidence that Jesus is alive.  It’s only when faith has it’s way that we become unshakable, unmovable, and always abounding in the things of the Lord. In order for us to have a house unshakable or unmovable we must have a pure heart before God.

We cannot pretend with God.  We need to go to Him and confess our failure to believe.  When we do this, God can then pour his Glory into our hearts and prove that he’ll open up the heavens to us.

Our ministries have to be proven excellent.  Once proven, our testimonies will live up to his authority in us when we speak into others lives. What do I mean by this?  In Exodus, God was about to “set Pharaoh up.” The children of Israel were in bondage to him, but God was going to deliver them.

This is what God is doing with the church today; He’s been setting us up to be used by him before the Pharaoh’s of all the nations of the world.  The challenge is as it was with Elijah and the worshippers of Baal. They prayed to their god and danced all night, but their god did not answer. Elijah then prayed to the God of Heaven who sent His fire and consumed the other gods.

Moses, the prophet of God to the Jewish nation of Israel; who was called by God in a day of great distress and torment, entered the arena for the greatest move of the Spirit in the history of the world.  This is the same for us Today. Now our heads will be lifted up above our enemies around us as spoken in Psalm 27:6.

Moses lived comfortably in the kings house until God allowed an experience pushed him into his ministry.  He was distressed over the harsh treatment of the Jews and relieved a man who was being attacked by a soldier.  Moses killed the soldier which in turn changed his status in the kings house, driving him into the desert where he found his God and deliverer.

When the two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York, we were forced into another world, which brought distress on every side.  God moved us beyond our limits by September 11, 2001. Those planes were symbolic of the eagle flying with words from heaven. The first thing the two hijacked planes spoke was, “WAKE UP YOU SLUGGARD!”  

So, get on your “watch and pray!”


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