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"Shofar" Words of Prophesy

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

“Who is this woman?”

Dee: Because He says, “It can’t be any other way. I will not be in a place that is outside of holy, because I am a holy God. And when I come to thee, when I come to visit thee, it is a day of total freedom.” This is the day.  This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. He told the children of Israel, “I am going to keep my promise to you. I am going to take you into the Promised Land, because I am God. I hold you by the hand. Your enemies this day will be destroyed and you will look for them and they will be no more because I am your God for sure. I am Jehovah Raffah. I am Jehovah Shikanu. I am the God that healeth thee. I am the God that delivers and I never spoke a word I could not bring to pass.


Irene: Can these dry bones live? You tell me! Arise army!... of the living dead that cannot be killed, for how can you kill that which has already died? Such an army is rising up in the valley of bones even now as we speak, for you speak of the terrors of Satan and the terrors of Hell, but what about the terrors of heaven? What about it? Do you really think you can match My armies, Satan? Do you think you have looked up my sleeve? Because My robes are so holy you can’t get in there.  But I got some serious stuff up my sleeve. You think you’re a magician. I am a magician. You think you can make snakes. I can make bigger snakes. You think you can have an army of the dead? Huh hunh! Look who’s talking. I’ve been dead. Satan, you’ve never been dead and never been raised even once.

But I’ve been dead and gone down and taken the keys and come up and you don’t yet know what I plan to do with those keys. You’ve never even seen the boxes that will be opened with those keys. You just have a few keys. I got them all, including the keys to your stuff, and I’m about to reveal it in these books and in other books and in other sermons. The secrets are coming out of the box. There’s Pandora’s box and there’s My box, and My box is bigger than your box. And what’s in my box can eat what’s in your box and I won’t even get a stomach ache when I do it, and neither will any of my saints, and that which is supposed to poison them, they will eat it and it will be destroyed. I have put ears in the kingdom of God, vultures to eat the dead things, and they will not die. They’re going to pick up scorpions and snakes, and not only will they step on them, they’re gonna’ eat them, and they will bring them no harm.

“Call forth the army and the Hosts of heaven. Call forth the host and the army of the earth to be joined and defeat the center heaven. ’Cuz we gonna’ put the squeeze on him,” says the Lord. “from earth and from heaven and from beneath the earth, and the god of this air will then be no more, because we will take away the air he breathes, because he chokes on the breath of heaven. Satan is going to die, and I mean die, not perish, choking on the breath of heaven, is what’s going to choke him. That which brings life to those who love life will have life, but the breath of God into the mouth of the Devil and his, will bring death. The same breath brings life and brings death, and I need a people, who are one side or the other, and I am sick of hearing this mealy mouthed, in the middle, watered down, and I spit you out of my mouth. So you better decide. Are you hot or are you cold? I will take both, but I will not take lukewarm. It is cursed. And you need to warn my people about that warm water, ‘cuz it is in warm water that bacteria breeds. It cannot live in the cold and it cannot live in the boiling, but parasites, now, they grow in warm. Choose whom you want to serve, and don’t give me this ‘Once saved always saved’ nonsense! Choose! You know a zebra is a zebra because it got stripes. You know a male lion is a male lion because of its mane. You know a Christian’s a Christian because they are hot or cold, but they ‘aint in the middle. The middle has been growing, and it is the way to hell. You gotta’ warn these people.

Don’t be worried about offending anybody, because when they go to hell, they’re gonna’ wish you offended them. I am an offense to those who don’t want to hear the truth, but there are some who are half in truth and half out, so maybe you could pull them out as by the fire. And even some of them will be great ones in the kingdom, if you just have the nerve to slap ‘em out of where they were. Some will say ‘thank you’ and others won’t, but there are some great ones there, even like Saint Paul, they are there, and they need someone who’s got the guts to do something that looks bad. Are you willing to look bad for me? Are you willing to look mean? Are you willing to look insensitive? Are you willing to not be politically and socially correct, so as to save many souls? These are the people I am looking for. Call them to yourself. Call them to yourself. Call them. They may not come right to you, but call them out from amongst the bones.  (Breathy shofar)

Can these bones live? Can these bones live?

Dee: (piano) Irene (recorder)

Irene: (singing) Can these bones live?

Dee: Can these bones live?

Irene: Prophesy to the bones. Call their names. Bring them home. Prophesy to the bones. Call their names. Bring them home. The bones are crying out. Find a home. Prophesy to the bones. Call their names. Bring them home. Do you think I said that you help, because they didn’t know, they don’t know me very well? They’re in waiting, even the dead who have not heard. You must call them forth, the great army of the Lord, and they will come with me on My return and have been raised up, because you said and did and took your turn. Prophesy to the bones in My name. Bring them home. They are crying. They were dying. Bring them life and bring them home. For Israel is their earthly home. The New Jerusalem is their heavenly home. They will come down from heaven as a bride, but the full complement must come in, those who live and those who have already died. For I even hold their souls in My hand waiting for what you will do, for as it says, ‘The prophets were not completed until those in the future saw what they saw.’ And now you see more than they saw. So let’s finish the race, so you can see My face forever.  Prophesy to the bones. Call My name, and bring them home. Bring them home.

They hear your voice, the living and the dead. Bring them to Me who am the head of the church, and I will raise them up. Daddy’s boneless. What do you say? I say, ‘this is the day the Lord has made.’ I say, ‘yes. I said I didn’t know, but now I know it’s time to go.”

Lift them up. Help them to stand with their new legs and arms to take the land. There is an army invisible that you can’t see that will go with you, to set the people free, an army of souls as well as angels and the Spirit and everything else I have on hold. There is an invisible army that now must rise, because the promise has been waiting all these years. You have been waiting for the promise, and now it’s time. All these years they’ve waited to be mine.  It’s time to open the door. Why do you think I made the stone? Who rolled away the stone from the grave? Who rolled away the stone? And the Lord said, ‘He is not here. He is risen.’ The stone is the open doorway from the tomb for the return of the Jew as the resurrection. Understand. It was a woman who had to birth the stone as sure as it was a woman who came there first. It wasn’t the men who went to the grave. It was the women, because, deep down they believed.

Dee: Who is this woman, this woman of Israel? What is her name?

Irene: Who is this woman, of Israel? Who is this woman who takes us into the land? Who is this woman, Israel? She kissed His feet, the bride as well.

Dee: Who is this woman who comes from “I am that I am?” Who is this woman, this woman from Israel? Who is this woman who comes in the name of Israel?

Irene: Who is this woman of Israel? Who is this woman who takes us into the land? Who is this woman? Who is she? Who is this woman of whom we sing?

Dee: Who is this woman?

Irene: Who is this woman, (the shadow of Me.?) the queen of heaven, that is, the heavenly place, by the side of the King. She holds His face. Who is she who is bright as the sun and the moon and the stars? Who is she who shines like the sun? Who is she?

She is you and me.

Dee: Who is this woman? What is her name? Who is this woman, this woman who now has come? Are you one of those women who will declare His name? Are you going to be one of those women who will run in His name?

Irene: Who is this woman? Who is this woman? Who is this woman? Who is she?

Dee: This is the call.

Irene: Rise up O women of God.

Dee: Come in Jesus name!!


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