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The Night Hell Went Crazy (Revelation)

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Never will I forget the night when every demon in hell went crazy. We were in San Antonio Texas, getting ready for a three-day crusade. When I looked up at the sky, I saw the clouds forming into what resembled demonic figures. Never have I seen anything like that before.

At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me because I was tired, so I shook my head and rubbed my eyes only to see the same thing. "What am I seeing…what does this mean?" I asked God. Hearing His voice clearly, He said, "Satan knows what you are commanded to do and this is his way of scaring you, but don’t give in to him, for I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of: love, power, and a sound mind."

The revelation in all of this was: love would keep us while we’re in storms, both natural and spiritual. God’s power will drive us to hold on. A sound mind will secure us in our faith until we reach total victory. Through revelation, we are set free and at that moment, I was completely free of all doubt and confusion. Those bondage's snapped off of my mind in a split second.

Understand that San Antonio is a place where the Alamo is honored for what it stands for. Many battles were fought there for America to be secured from Mexico. It was also a fort for the Union Soldiers. Many died there and their contribution to civilization has not been forgotten. God knew what symbolic and important historical landmark to use for the cause of a spiritual outcome to be won.

The reason God instructs us not to remove old landmarks is because without them, we cannot find our purpose. Without our purpose, faith is weak within us. In a vision, the Lord showed me that in every city there is a center spot. The center spot is the foundation that holds the purpose of that city.

Whether we know it or not, people worship these foundations. This is why we can go to a city to live and feel at home, or that our stay is only temporary. Centuries before we arrived in these cities, someone with the same mindset already laid a foundation (right or wrong). What God does, is put his word in the mouth of his prophets so they can go and overturn and break up the wrong, or build on what is already good ground.

The Lord told me that San Antonio was a type of Nineveh. He instructed me to read about it. While reading in the book of Jonah, I saw that Nineveh was full of idolatry, murder, incest, corruption, and prostitution.

Then and even today, there are two statues standing in front of the city still being worshipped by the people. The names of the two statues are Nimrod and Nerosh. One is an eagle and the other a bull. These spirits were the very nature of incest and corruption. The scripture declares, "we are what we believe." The people of Nineveh believed these gods were able to save them from the wrath of God Almighty.

At that time in history, Nineveh was not experiencing prosperity. There was famine, making it hard to feed their people. They were killing each other for food and sex.

Where were the prophets of God hiding? God spoke to a man who was attending the prophet’s school. He sent him to the city of Nineveh to declare deliverance from the wrath of God. "Tell them I love them and I will forgive their idolatry and murderous hearts if they will repent," is what God told Jonah. As a result, every person who heard the word accepted it and received salvation.

A little over one hundred years passed. Again the people went into the same state they were in when Jonah was called to them. This time the Lord called Nahum. His message was that of a destroyer. This is interesting since Nahum’s character totally differed from Jonah’s character. Nahum was a more quiet man; also a farmer and rancher of sheep and horses. He was being sent to speak the destruction over all of Nineveh.

Grace versus Faith. Jonah represents the grace of God to an undeserving people who should’ve been completely destroyed. Faith is being tried and tested by Nahum, whose personality didn’t match that of Jonah’s. It really had to take the faith of God to create an atmosphere where God’s judgment could be accomplished.

That day, I understood the revelation as I faced those two horrible spirits hovering over the city that night. The first cloud formed into an eagle, the other cloud formed into what resembled a bull. It was an eerie feeling and very evil.

God spoke into my heart that he was going to bring this city [San Antonio] to its knees. I wasn’t sure why he used this city to reveal his glory to me. Then he showed me that this would set his glory in the center of the city. I didn’t understand this statement, so I asked what he was talking about. Very clearly he told me, all he wanted me to do was to obey his commands and not ask questions. I realized that night, there are times when I wouldn’t understand what I was being asked to do, but it would be important just to move according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

The Friday night of the three-day crusade, service started with high expectations. Even though we had the experience the night before, we were full of faith. Prayer began with shouts of joy and immediately we began praying in tongues. There were waves of glory sweeping throughout the crowd. Glories in the heavenly realm and the vision presenting itself before the saints’ eyes were seen. Some people were wiping there eyes, holding their heads, and shaking their hands. More than what we could understand at that moment was happening.

Demonic spirits must’ve been getting harassed by the angels of heaven. About three o’clock that morning, after the meeting, a few warlocks came out to the hotel to pray against us. They were all dressed in black capes and clothes, marching by the orders of Satan to come and interrupt what God was doing through us. There was a confrontation in the spirit, though we didn’t have to battle. God already released faith in the air, which brought confusion to the enemies of the cross and power to his bride [us].

The warlocks came to pray their prayer of destruction on us through chants and divination. I knew the battle was not ours, but the Lord’s. My faith was to obey everything that God told me to do. God delivered us from our enemy by the word of our testimony. The word of our testimony is our faith in him.


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