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By Dr. Durussia Jenkins

One week before I was to attend Robert Stearns’ “On Eagles Wings” conference in the year 2000, I was translated to the Pacific Northwest part of the United States. An angel from heaven lifted me up and translated me to Portland Oregon.  Whether I was in the body or out of it, in vision, dream, or trance, I do not know, possibly all. First, I was taken to a shipping port, and subsequently to numerous ports on the West Coast.   I asked the angel, “Why am I here?” The angel waved his hand and motioned to me to follow him. I obeyed his command.    I was taken inside of a building where I saw huge clear plastic bags. As I inched closer to see what was inside, I instantly heard noise as voices began to cry out, signaling to me that they were in terrible pain. They cried for help; only in these bags were body parts not whole humans. Heads, arms, legs, and other parts were all disjointed in there and I could see the body tags. They were definitely dead. 

“Why are they crying for me to help?” I asked. The angel said, “Because you have the answer.” Puzzled I replied, “How so?”  At first he did not answer my question, so I continued, “What do I have?” Suddenly I was translated to another location, Chinatown in San Francisco. The same scene that I experienced in Oregon repeated itself. This went on and on, from city to city, throughout my encounter. It felt like forever.  I kept asking “Why me?” The angel repeated his same words, “You have the answer to their cry.”  Then we went to a type of prison, and I saw the cells full of preachers. The reason I knew this was because they were all wearing white collars. I asked the angel why they were there, and his answer was this. “They did not care.”  I begged for them to be released, but he said “No.”

Next, we flew to Indian reservations.  Again, I saw the same scene, death and destruction everywhere.  I asked God what He wanted me to do.  “Answer their cry” he said, “Answer their cries. “ This encounter continued throughout the night until we came and landed downtown on the top of the government of a city in Canada. It was very corrupt.  The angel said that they must “turn to God or be removed.” He said, “Pray for them. God will answer your request.” My heart was heavy and broken.  I cried until my eyes were sore and my heart was empty.  I begged and pleaded with Him to stop the people’s pain and suffering. Before I knew it, I was translated back home and opened up my eyes. 



In 2018 the Lord called for a 7 day prayer and fasting lock-in for our ministry team. During that time one of the prayer warriors had a vision of a cruise ship. The word was that Dunamis Power Ministries would be heading up a prayer conference on a cruise ship. There would be many trips and destinations.  In August of 2019, the Lord impressed Dr. Jenkins that the first prayer initiative should take place in the Pacific Northwest and gave her the names of certain ports. Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas has met these port requirements and has really welcomed us with open arms. 


There have been those who have gone before us, those who will go with us, and those who will come after us to accomplish this task. We join with them in this venture hope you will join us, both onboard and at home, in this great venture.   America is at a crossroads. She must make a choice. As for me and my house, we choose the Lord.




Welcome to WWW-CON or our Wild and Woolly Warriors Conference in the Pacific Northwest, May of 2020. Here is the How, Where, What and Why of our trip, along with a sample of the kind of teaching that you will be getting on board. 




The title for this prayer for the ports event just came to mind, and as it turned it, was the perfect description for this trip. God knows what He is doing. The phrase, “Wild and Woolly” originated in America and was a term created to describe the “wild west” part of the country, sometime after the Californian Gold Rush era of the 1850’s. That term has been in use for over 130 years, but is no longer a familiar turn of phrase to this generation, so let’s search out the history and development of its meaning.




We all know what wild is. It can mean “free, untamed, luxuriant, natural,” or “untouched by human hands.” It indicates a state of being in which a person is totally fearless in action and utterly immune to social opinion or morays. “Wild” can also mean “rude, uncontrollable, uncivilized, dangerous” and “lawless.” Hair, weather, parties, drivers, children, madmen, animals, and invariably the crazy aunt or crackpot uncle that every family seems to have somewhere in its genealogical line can all fall under the title “wild.”  The word “wild” clearly conjures up both the best and the worst associations in our minds. Many of us would not consider it a compliment to be called “wild.” For the most part, we tend towards order and predictability in life, which often ensures us safety and acceptance in society. What about “Woolly?” Well, it is the perfect companion to “wild.” It means “without order or control, unrestrained, untamed, unrefined, and uncouth in look and behavior.” The Pacific Northwest was an irresistible attraction to people looking for adventure. It was a place where Native Americans had learned to survive and prosper for generations, and also a place where pioneers and foreigners came to make new lives for themselves, in a totally alien and challenging environment.





 Now, it is 170 years later, and in some ways, not much has changed. The Pacific Northwest is still known for outdoor adventures, from hiking to rock climbing, and skiing to white water rafting. It continues to be a go to destination for explorers and adventurers. On the other hand, much has been settled and domesticated since the 1800’s.  Despite its more cultured exterior in some places, like the wine vineyards of Northern California, fancy coffee shops in Oregon and Seattle, and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the Pacific Northwest is also home to a creature whose dark underbelly remains firmly embedded in the very fiber of this seductive location. This beast queen continues to spawn her many offspring which are now proliferating throughout North America and the world.  




The Pacific Northwest has been a huge exporter of “lawless” legislation, and a major promoter of sexual promiscuity, human trafficking, abortion, extreme socialism, and so called “political correctness.” The government behind the government has instigated lawmakers to be proponents of unjust laws purposely intended to muzzle the church, navigate her into a corner, and if she does not comply, to put her constituents, us, behind bars. The plan, either way, is to make the body of Christ useless to the surrounding community. The sin is not theirs alone. Because of our greed for gain, desire for power, our apathy and self-centeredness, and our willingness to exchange the truth of the Word of God for a lie in order to keep our lives comfortable and conflict free, we have aided the enemy in his plan, which is to minimize or eradicate our influence on the world all together.  It is time for us to start caring again, to start crying again, to stop lying, and start bearing the cross again. The fence were sitting on is gone. It is time to get off our bottoms and to take our places in the world, on all 7 mountains of influence: government, media, arts and entertainment, business, education, religion and family. To do that, we must first lay a strong foundation of prayer.


                    WHY PRAY?


Why must we pray? In general, the spirit of Jezebel is challenging the house of God.  This dark power is holding the airways captive enabling the spirit of chaos to confuse listeners to the point where they are not able to hear and understand the truth of what is really going on in the world.  Hellish demons are holding preachers captive and keeping them from declaring deliverance from the devil and repentance for sin. God’s people are so full of fear that they cannot move forwards. They are afraid of the devil, demons, and warfare. Many remain either unaware of or untrained in how to deal with what is coming, and is already here. Since Jesus had to deal with the devil, so do we.   Even though the Northeastern colonies were established first, it is The Pacific Northwest that is the open gateway to the rest of the country. The headwaters spring from there, of good, and also of evil. We will find the head there, the middle in the center of the country, and the tail where the USA first gained her independence. It is strange but true. It is the job of the sons and daughters of job to guard the gates of the Pacific Northwest and to locate and crush the head of the serpent so the King of Glory may come in. This will take strategy, purity, wisdom, obedience, and understanding of the times we live in. The mission is not for the faint of heart. 


 We pray because, behind the scenes lurk the powerful players in the plan to erode North America’s moral fiber and rob her of her God ordained destiny. The United States is a major player in world affairs. The American mandate is to be a place of refuge and righteousness in an ever darkening world and, like Israel, to be a light to the nations. The taking down of America would create a domino effect in the earth. In these places, where we will be going to pray, the movers and shakers in the kingdom of darkness are practicing all manner of forbidden arts, from sorcery to sacrifice, and child molestation to witchcraft. Presently, the Pacific Northwest is a burgeoning enclave for pagans, and is considered by some to be the least churched area of the United States and Canada. These areas of spiritual stronghold are populated by a wild and woolly bunch, and it is going to take a wild and woolly bunch to stop them. 




“The battle we fight is not against flesh and blood, but against “powers and principalities, and rulers of darkness in high places,” but either way, people are still involved. It is our job to create an environment in which truth can stand in the public square and cry out to the masses so that they can hear and see clearly enough to decide the direction of their lives and the destination of their souls.  Hearts are already growing cold, dear ones. We plan to mount our counterattack by getting right with God, educating ourselves about the history of these ports, arming ourselves with the word of God, and of course, fasting, and praying. It’s time to return to our first love, Jesus. The plan is to jumpstart the restoration of heavenly mandates for those ports and cities so that the predicted awakening for North America can commence. 


“Revival will evolve like hurricanes that will come through the Pacific Northwest. The wind is hovering. Vision is for all. We are opening up the heavens for the Pacific Northwest.” Dr. Durussia Jenkins.




Yes, you can. One of the meanings of the word “wild” is to be “free.” When we serve Christ with our whole hearts, we are free from the power and penalty of sin, free to be the sons and daughters of God. People out there are so tangled up in sin. They are lost and scared and looking for a lighthouse, an anchor, a place of safety, and we have it all. Jesus came to set the captives free and to destroy the works of the Devil. Let’s join Him in His great work. 

        How will we do it? This is the Hebraic year of 5780. It is the season of “peh,” or “the mouth.” It is time for heaven’s release of your mouth. The Holy Spirit wants to set your mouth on fire. A tongue on fire for God terrifies the powers and principalities and beings in high places. It’s time to get any and all the gifts you can from heaven’s arsenal in order to be an absolute success in spiritual warfare. What else do we need? In the Jewish culture, we have a word called “chutzbah.” It means “nerve.” That’s what we need, “chutzbah.” We need to have so much nerve that we choose to ignore the opinions of   society and eschew the praises of men because we are sent by the Most High. To the world we appear lawless and dangerous, and we are, because just like Jesus, we cannot be boxed in or tagged. Our law is the law of love, the law of the kingdom of God. We will become “woolly.” That means “unpredictable,” not in character, but in action. Ooh the Devil hates that when he can’t tell what you are going to do next because you are listening directly to the Holy Spirit on the line he doesn’t have access to! So, what do these warriors look like? They are not “seeker sensitive,” but “God directed.” They do not compromise God’s Word in order to make peace with the enemy. They do exactly what God tells them no matter how wild and woolly it seems at the time. 




Are you ready to call upon God to come down and touch the nation? Are you excited to not only see signs, wonders and miracles, but to perform them yourself, for his glory? If your heart moves you to come, join us! Don’t let your lack of training or experience keep you from this trip, because we will have mentors and seasoned warriors to help you along in the process. For those of you who have been around for a while, there will be more than enough to pique your interest and keep you busy. We are looking for sincere hearts and dedicated souls. Every single person, so far, who has signed up, is doing so because the Lord called. We have waived conference fees to make it easier for you. Each and every one of our attendees so far has stepped forth in faith and is trusting that the Lord will provide for that which he commands. Feel free to ask friends and family to support their favorite Wild and Woolly Warrior on this trip and if you know anyone or any church that wants to seed into the ministry to help our missionaries go, please let us know. 



  Jeremiah 6:16


The present day orthodoxy in most churches does not match up with what is portrayed in the Word of God.   David danced with all of his might before the Lord, pretty much in his underwear, in public, in front of a bunch of women, and a very angry wife. The prophet Isaiah went about naked for three years as a sign to the people and Ezekiel was commanded to cook his food over human excrement. Thankfully he bargained God down to cow dung.  John the Baptist, the son of a respected priest, abandoned temple life, and went off the grid into the desert, where he spent his time munching down on wild locusts and honey and sporting “camel hair wear.” Moses had a wild and woolly walking stick. I call it “snake eater,” because it ate up all of the other magicians’ snakes and walking sticks. Can you imagine how it was? I bet those guys aimed those hissing and spitting cobras right at Moses with one command, “Sic him!” Instead the showdown turned into a buffet with a “winner eats all,” kind of ending.  God can do whatever He wants however He wants, so let’s get on His page, because He won’t be getting on ours.




Jesus did some wacky stuff. He had loud altercations with the brightest and the best, the meanest and the craftiest religious leaders of his day and outwitted them every time. He had theological discussions with despised Jewish half-breeds and women of questionable lifestyles, loved them and taught them the truth.  He deflated the egos of his most devoted followers by telling them that the way to life was through death, and the way to the top was through children. His financial supporters were hard working women who supported him out of their own earnings They were also part of his entourage…scandalous! He made it a habit to eat with prostitutes, tax collectors, and drunks. When he did eat with the high class folk, he managed to surprise, embarrass and insult them when their motives were self-serving and their hearts were evil.  He broke up funerals by raising the dead. He let loose on the money changers in the temple courts who were making a big bucks off of the sacrifices, while desecrating His Father’s house of prayer. Can you see it now? The sheep and the goats were running willy nilly. The doves were fleeing, flying, and squawking as they tumbled out of their man made prisons before they hit the ground. The future sacrifice for all of mankind had set them free, hallelujah! Yes, the sacrifices were making a run for it. What a scene. People were screaming. Money was flying. Beggars were collecting. It was utter mayhem, and it was all God. 


Jesus was a pioneer, a man of adventure, and the dangerous revolutionary of His day. It is time for us to walk in His footsteps. He was untamable and uncontrollable, except by His Father and the Holy Spirit. So yes, He was a Wild, Woolly Warrior. He did what He saw the Father doing, and so should we. Let’s go with him to the Pacific Northwest this spring. See you there!

May 19, 2020, 9:00 AM – May 26, 2020, 9:00 AM
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
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